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24/7 Roadside Assistance

Fast Car Towing

Fast Towing Brisbane is easily able to transport your vehicle in a matter or minutes. If the car is able to move or not, it wont matter as we can transport it anywhere around Brisbane.

Towing Brisbane can handle services like –

Broken Down Car Towing

Whether your broken down on a roadway or need a vehicle transported our employee’s can get the job done in any sticky situation. You don’t have to be worried as you get a free quote by calling us so we can book you a tow. We also talk more about our company’s tips and information on our FAQ Page.

Towing For An Auction

If you’ve just had your vehicle bought from an auction and you don’t seem to have any sort of transportation for it, No Worries!, Fast Towing Car can pick up any car that you bought from an auction and we can drop it off anywhere you want. Most of the time you wont have to be at the site, we can do it anywhere you like. Get a Fast Quote and book you next tow today.

Towing Brisbane At It’s Finest

As one of the fastest, efficient and cheapest towing company you can find in Brisbane. We know that making sure you have a good tow and you vehicle has one, can make you day. Our modern trucks are all fitted with the latest technology to make your tow full of safety and quality. Our tower are full trained with nearly 15+ years of towing experience, and are tested on to ensure you have a fast, safe and efficient towing experience.

Fast Towing Brisbanes Emergency Towing

Transport is everything, that means being there fast and safe. But if your in a bad situation, such as having a broken vehicle or a car crash then Fast Towing Brisbane will waste no time getting to your destination. If your vehicle is also on the roadside then don’t worry as Car Buyers Brisbane can help with anything. can help with any kind of problem that our workers are facing but we can only do that for you if you can tell us that your on a motor way or a roadside.

When you know that your in a situation that not that big of a deal to the point where you can handle it yourself, then check out some of these tips and videos on how to get a job done yourself, Towing Service TipsTowing Video Tips. If your unsure then give us a call here at Fast Towing Brisbane where we do the best towing services in all of Brisbane, Australia.

Whether your vehicle is broken down or it needs a transport we can help with kind of problem as our towers have more than 10+ years of towing experience, at Fast Towing Brisbane. If you aren’t interested in the kind of towing services that Fast Towing Brisbane provides then check out our towing buddies here in Brisbane, Australia. Towing Brisbane 24/7 is a great towing company that can help with many of your needs. Check our Recources page for more information on getting better help.

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Fast Towing Brisbane Accept Payments Such As:




Fast Towing Brisbane is also affordable and we can give free quotes on how much you will be paying for the service, but it does depend on the kind of service, as longer or harder services cost more. Check out our Services Page for more details or if you have a question or issue then tell us at our Contact Page on the kind of services that we do and what you can expect from us.

Council Towing’s

Fast Towing Brisbane is a go to place with all of your problems but their are problems that we can help to a certain degree and that also comes with council towing.

If your vehicle has been overdue for the parking place that you bought for a period of time, or you have illegally parked in place that your not meant to, then that means that your car is or has been towed by the council as you have broken the laws of the OLD government. Towing Brisbane can also help you by giving you advice but this problem is to be dealt with the nearby Council . You can also refer to our FAQ Page to find out more of your questions.


A lot of Towing companies that are high end tend to give you a hard time by making you pay to get a quote on the kind of tow that you want, a quote for most towing companies is you paying them so they can give you a short sentence on the kind of tow, price etc. that you will be expecting. Cheap Car Towing gives free quotes so you can know the kind of service that you will be expecting.
Call Us for a free quote: 0450517864


Skilled Technicians


Brisbane Car Towing

With Brisbane car towing all of our focus is to give our customers the best service that won’t waist any of there time. Fast Towing Brisbane is one of the most effective and efficient towing services that we give you a relaxing experience. We operate 24/7 which means you can contact us anytime and you get either get a free quote or a quick tow. Trucks and its mechanics are the key in a good tow, which is why we use modern technology in our trucks for a simple and safe tow.
Our tow trucks are always on point, if you want too understand more on the kind of tow trucks and the kind of services that we provide, then be sure to check out our Services page for more details. If you want your vehicle towed in the Brisbane area, then call us: 0450517864.

  • Fast response’s on quotes
  • Fastest towing service in Brisbane
  • Most reliable towing service


Our Quality Promise


24/7 Towing Services

Fast Towing Brisbane provides 24/7 service so you wont need worry weather we are available or not. If the time you are contacting us and we aren’t available to give a tow. Then don’t worry as we can still give a quote or book your tow for when we are available.

Towing Services In Brisbane

Fast Towing Brisbane likes to put all the effort in to our tows so that our customers can give us a good rating and we can see them again. Towing Brisbane is such a high searched word in the google Australia search bar, as Towing is a very high end service in Brisbane, Australia.Although you may see other towing company with similar services. Our services are as high end as you can find them. Be sure to get us around and tell every one that Fast Towing Brisbane is best towing service in Brisbane, Australia.

Cash For Car Removal In Brisbane

Brisbane has many car removal services to help you, but we don’t just remove you car but we also pay you cash for removals. Our quotes are as real as they can get which is why we are known for our top tier and realistic quotes. We can pay you cash for any type of vehicle, running or not! We have great towing services to help remove your car and pay you for it.Fast Towing Brisbane can help you with whatever problem there is and we do that with our custom tow trucks that we’ve been working with for some time, that being Standard trucks, Tilt Trays and Car Carriers. Be sure to check our Services Page for more details on our custom towing trucks.

Tow Trucks Available

  • 4 Tonne – Single Drive Tilt Trays  
  • 6 Tonne – Single Drive Tilt Trays
  • 10 Tonne – Bogie Drive Tilt Trays 
  • 25 Tonne – Super tilt 
  • Dual Cab Tilt Trays

Towing Brisbane Can Transport

  • Containers   
  • Car and 4Wd  
  • Trucks
  • Equipment   
  • Boats on trailers
  • Tractors   
  • Bus & Coaches  
  • Caravan transport  
  • Motorcycles  
  • Site sheds  
  • Bus & Coaches
  • Caravan transport   
  • Buildings

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